Welcome to the world of SA INFOSYS

Our Managing Director


Mr.Abhishek Poddar, Managing Director of SA INFOSYS Pvt. Ltd., is a young, dynamic and energetic entrepreneur in the field of IT and Distribution business for over a decade now. A commerce Graduate from St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata started the business in 1999 with a mere capital of 5 lakh, he had a view to serve the people by providing everything what technology demands. Abhishek, an impressive personality is today an icon among the IT businessmen and his success story is a source of inspiration to a number of budding IT entrepreneurs.


Abhishek top most focus for the company is to provide a more inspirational working place that attracts top talent and retains it. His dedication towards establishing the organization as a distributing hub has been fruitful and achieved a landmark figure. He has also ventured into retail units in the name of IT GATEWAY.

Winner of many entrepreneurship awards, Abhishek views them as the stepping stone for the future's more challenging and ever changing business environment.

Going forward, While maintaining market leadership in IT Products, Home Appliances and Consumer Electronics, we will aggressively strengthen our competitiveness in mobile business & consumer products.

Simultaneously, we will try to synergize SA INFOSYS Pvt. Ltd activities as a leading global  Distributor Company with most of the international brands.